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Cadillac Cue System

The Cadillac Cue Puts the World on Your Dashboard

Cadillac continues the tradition of surrounding you with the latest in comfort and convenience with the Cadillac Cue. The Cue takes state of the art navigation tools, along with your smartphone and your iPod, and XM satellite radio and puts it all together in one easy to use tool right in your dashboard. You'll enjoy all the comforts you'd expect at home in one hands free and smooth running system.

It doesn't matter if you're the most tech savvy internet user or a novice the beauty and elegance of the Cadillac Cue is that it's simple to use operating system is remarkably accessible and intuitive to whatever the user needs. The natural speech recognition function allows users to recall stored media without taking their hands off the wheel or eyes off the road. Cadillac has even included a text-to-speech function that allows the user to send and receive texts hands-free.

The luxurious Cadillac Cue allows you access to up to 10 Bluetooth-enabled devices while in your Cadillac, so not only will your entertainment center and personal computer be with you, but you can bring your office on the road too. Everything from USB drives to SD cards and Smart Phones can plug into the Cue making it the best business investment for your car you can make.

Cadillac elegance means you get the latest technology only found in one of our high performance vehicles. The Cue Has features like proximity sensing, which make the basic command functions appear as your hand approaches the screen making it quick to use and keeping thing uncluttered. It has other features not found in other dashboard computers like multi-touch hand gesture technology previously only found in tablet computers and smart phones. You can flick, tap, or swipe to navigate the system. All this is designed to make things easy to use and give the latest technology right in your dashboard.

Combining the latest technology and the luxury that Cadillac is known for, the Cue ushers in a new era of easy to use dashboard computing. Not only do you get an easy to use navigation system and an onboard computer to keep you up to date on the latest weather, traffic, and XM Radio, but you get a hub for all for your Smart Phone and IPod so you have all your contacts and music with you no matter what. Cadillac is committed to continuing the tradition of excellence with the Cadillac Cue.